Boston Chapter

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CO-LEADER: olivia eldredge

Olivia resides in Fenway and is the co-leader of the Project HEAL - Boston Chapter.

Olivia is earning a degree in Psychology with a concentration in health & counseling from Emmanuel College. As a Project HEAL Chapter Leader, Olivia is dedicated to helping facilitate open communication and awareness surrounding eating disorders while also promoting size diversity, body positivity, and full recovery. She is passionate about eating disorder research, advocacy, and prevention efforts.

Olivia’s favorite ice cream flavor is Peach!


CO-LEADER: abigail holmes

Abigail Holmes resides in Boston’s North End and is the Finance Manager of the Project HEAL - Boston Chapter. Abigail went to Wheaton College, IL and now works in marketing. As a Project HEAL Chapter Finance Manager, Abigail believes life is meant to be enjoyed and that full recovery is possible. She is dedicated to instilling hope and courage throughout the recovery community. Abigail is a coffee and wine lover and enjoys practicing yoga and curling up with a good book.

Abigail’s favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate cookies and cream.


Executive COUNCIL: brenna

Brenna resides in Rockland, MA and is an Ambassador for the Boston Chapter serving the South Shore area. Brenna is a Registered Medical Assistant at a Family Medicine Practice. Brenna also plans to finish her degree in Social Work and is starting to take core classes, but my favorite job is being a Mom to my beautiful, yet super sassy daughters Brooke & Cayleigh. As a Project HEAL Ambassador, Brenna is dedicated to promoting a HEALing environment where everyone on the South Shore can have access to all of the amazingness that Project HEAL Boston has to offer. She is passionate about her recovery and makes it a priority to share her battle with anorexia, bulimia, and depression as a teenager and young adult. Brenna knows that recovery is possible and wants to make sure that others struggling know that they are strong enough to fight their inner demons too. Brenna had a great support support system who took it upon themselves to learn and educate themselves on eating disorders and how to help her in recovery. Brenna feels extremely lucky that she was able to get the treatment that she deserved, which saved her life. She knows that no everyone is quite so lucky which is why she will go above and beyond to educate and speak out regarding eating disorders, mental health, and the stigma that surrounds these disorders. Brenna is a dancer by heart and you can find her dancing through life while doing her household chores and playing with her kids.

Brenna's favorite ice cream flavor is Mint chocolate chip.

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Executive COUNCIL: Alison sabean

Alison Sabean resides on the North Shore of Massachusetts, in Danvers, and is the volunteer coordinator for the Project HEAL – Boston Chapter. She earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology from Salem State University in 2015, and is a certified personal trainer. She aspires to help those struggling with eating disorders incorporate healthy exercise into their life as they recover. As a Project HEAL Volunteer Coordinator, Alison is eager to provide information for chapter members and promote the Project HEAL mission to interested potential members. Alison is passionate about writing, (she invites you to check out her blog dedicated to eating disorder recovery, Nourish to Flourish -, listening to music,
and spending time with her friends and family.

Alison’s favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate-peanut butter.


Executive COUNCIl: Sarah Mankivisky

Sarah resides in Westwood, MA and is the Marketing & Communications Co-Lead of the Project HEAL - Boston Chapter.

Sarah is a student at Westwood High School and enjoys subjects such as history and English. She hopes to study early childhood education in college. As a Project HEAL Social Media Co-Manager, Sarah is dedicated to breaking down the stigma surrounding eating disorders. She is passionate about helping others find happiness and joy in recovery and enjoys volleyball, writing, and working with children. 

Sarah’s favorite ice cream flavor is cake batter. 


executive council: fara cohen

Fara Cohen resides in Boston, MA and is the Marketing & Communications Lead of the Project HEAL- Boston Chapter.

Fara is a senior Marketing Communications major at Emerson College. Fara is captain of the women’s volleyball team and teaches yoga. As a Project HEAL Chapter Social Media Manager, Fara is dedicated to helping facilitate open communication and awareness surrounding eating disorders by promoting body peace, full recovery, and community resources for healing. Fara is passionate about mental health advocacy and sharing the practice of yoga. Fara can often be found petting dogs, in parks, or drinking coffee.

Fara’s favorite flavor of ice cream is kalua madness.