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Project HEAL has over 30 chapters at colleges and in communities across the United States committed to our mission.

Historically, our chapters have been focused on fundraising and awareness raising. However, as we focus on a growth strategy that utilizes our chapters and local support systems to deliver our programming, the skills and resources needed at the local level are shifting.

We have developed a framework for “high capacity chapters,” marked by having the resources necessary to not only sustain their local chapter, but to conduct a Community Needs Assessment (CNA). During the CNA process, Chapters will identify local gaps in care that could be filled strategically by our TAP and COH programs, and assess opportunities and resources needed to fill those gaps. At the end of conducting a CNA, our chapters will have a clearer understanding of who is in need in their community, and how to meet those needs.

This model will equip our chapters to identify the real needs of their community, develop meaningful local partnerships, deliver our programs, and assess the effectiveness of their efforts.  Ultimately, Project HEAL chapters will be the “go-to” places in a community for individuals and families struggling with an eating disorder to go for help, hope and healing.

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