Campaign Timeline

september 1-27 | CAMPAIGN PREP

  • Create a HEAL Week fundraising page (or if you’ve been part of a chapter in 2019, feel free to use that page)

  • Prepare your outreach list to include close family and friends first, then your social media network, community partners, etc.

  • Customize email templates to share WHY you’re fundraising for HEAL Week to support Project HEAL

SEPTEMBER 27-29 | camp HEAL*

If you are attending Camp HEAL at Camp Colby in Southern California, you can use any free time to finalize your HEAL Week plans and get inspired to kick off your campaign!

Click here for more information on Camp HEAL.


It’s go time! Send out your campaign materials to your closest network first, and then use the week to share the message of HEAL Week far and wide. Feel free to check in with Project HEAL national staff if you have any questions or need support throughout HEAL Week! Together, we know that we can raise the $20,000 needed to keep supporting others through recovery.

OCTOBER 6-14 | thank donors

After the campaign ends, it’s important to personally thank all of the donors that supported your fundraising goal. Send an email, handwritten card, or make a phone call - the important part is that they know your gratitude for their support!