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Suggested Campaign Timeline


Use the first three weeks of February to prepare for the campaign and rally your chapter to participate.

  • Review the PH Workshop: Gearing up for NEDAW 2019

  • Make sure that your chapter’s 2019 annual fundraising page is created (scroll to the bottom and search/view all to see if you already have one before creating a new page)

  • Prepare your outreach list to include past donors and prospective donors

  • Customize email templates and schedule for sending during the campaign

  • Plan your chapter’s social media content during the campaign week

  • Start posting countdown and teasers during the weeks leading up to the campaign

february 25-march 3 | campaign

During the week of the campaign, your chapter should post on social media at least 1x per day and also send out fundraising emails throughout the week. Example email cadence below:

  • Send email on February 25th announcing National Eating Disorders Awareness Week and why your chapter is participating

  • Send 1:1 personal emails to friends and family on February 26th with your story and a link to support your chapter/personal fundraising goal

  • Host a “donor calling party” with members of your chapter to reach out to past or prospective donors

  • Send email on March 1st to share your progress to goal and announce there are two more days to support your chapter during National Eating Disorders Awareness Week

march 4-8 | thank donors

After the campaign ends, it’s important to personally thank all of the donors that supported you or your chapter’s fundraising goal. Send an email, handwritten card, or make a phone call - the important part is that they know your gratitude for their support!