10 Things My Dog Would Like You to Know (Especially If You Are Battling an Eating Disorder)


By: Shannon Kopp 1. We are here for a short time. But often, it doesn’t feel that way. There are so many forevers in a day. Forever until this meal is              over. Forever until I’m out of treatment. Forever until I get to treatment. Forever until I graduate. Forever until the depression              lifts.

2. Sometimes, humans get lost in their forevers. This is because they have extraordinary but sometimes very unhelpful brains.

3. Try to take a break from thinking. Slow down. Be here now.

4. Take care of your earthsuit. Mine has fur, yours has skin. Please stop overworking, scrolling Instagram when you should be sleeping, getting jacked up on coffee, and trying to eat “right.” There is no right or wrong way to eat. There is only the wisdom of your body. Listen to that wisdom.

5. Do not wear a “brave face” over your real, authentic one. Say what you feel. Be who you are.

6.I love all people, including you. If you were to walk into the room right now, I wouldn’t be able to contain my excitement. I’d jump up, wave my front paws, wag my tail and whimper in delight. Because you are just that special. You are a joy-maker.

7. Dear joy-maker, have you ever wondered how I could love you so much, without even knowing you?

8. It’s because you are not your name. Or your past. Or your story. Or your illness. Or your appearance.

9.You are Love.

10. Also, you smell amazing.

About the Author: Shannon Kopp is an eating disorder survivor, animal welfare advocate, and the best-selling author of Pound for Pound: A Story of One Woman’s Recovery and the Shelter Dogs Who Loved Her Back to Life (HarperCollins Publishers). She is also the founder of SoulPaws Recovery Project, offering free animal therapy and healing resources to those suffering from eating disorders. Shannon’s writing has been featured on CNN, Fox News, Huffington Post, Salon, NPR, Good Housekeeping, Dogster, Maria Shriver, and more. She also regularly posts recovery-related poetry on Instagram! www.shannonkopp.com