The Road to Somewhere

By: Kait Browne, Founder of Project HEAL Central Florida ChapterBy: Kaitliimages (1)

Once upon a time,

In a not so distant land,

a girl- she spent very many years,

with no one to understand.


And when she came of proper age,

she grabbed her keys to leave,

she packed her bags ran out the door,

hoping her pain she would relieve.


And so she set out on the road,

her destination still unknown,

she felt lost, but she was in control,

but then again alone.


Her map, it gave her many routes,

so many from it to decide,

at the same time that she wants to fight,

she also wants to hide.


But- she must go forward,

because she cannot go back,

what is causing her to hesitate?

Is it confidence she lacks?


She isn’t sure which way to go,

isn’t quite sure what she wants,

Her body begging one way,

but her mind teasing, always it taunts.


And so she listens with her mind,

and disregards her needs,

she knows that it’s a dangerous path,

but into the dark she does proceed.


She ventures through the twists and turns,

down the winding hill,

and as she follows down the road,

she begins to feel the chill.


She knows this is the wrong way,

she still feels empty inside,

but now its too late to turn back,

she’s slipping down the slide.


“Maybe it’s not a bad thing”,

she begins to think,

and so she’s guided by the dark,

he tempts her with a wink.


He tells her, “let me guide you down this path”,

“I promise you’ll be more than okay”

“Happy, FINALLY comfortable,

it’s here you’ll want to stay”


And so she trusts the darkness!

She’s out of her mind right?

But if you only knew- what she’d been through,

she’s so tired of the fight.


And so she keeps within the dark,

he lets her live within her thoughts,

she thinks she’s safe, that she’s in charge,

but in reality she is caught.


And soon our young girl begins to see,

the darkness has it’s tricks.

She knows that somehow she must get out,

or her secrets will keep her sick.


And so she sends out a cry for help,

for she may lose her life,

and who is it that comes to her aid

but of course the shining light.


“Trust in me, we’ll make it through,”

“Together, we will heal”

But since she has been ill so long

she is no longer sure what’s fake or real.


She ponders for a little while,

but begrudgingly agrees,

she says “I will go with you light”

“the dark is killing me, this disease”


The light, it takes her by the hand

and says “this journey, it will be hard”

“but we will take it step by step,

foot by foot then yard by yard”


And day by day she takes it slow,

the light sometimes carries her,

she wants to go back to the dark,

it’s just too hard, it’s all a blur.


“You have the strength, I have faith in you”

the light, it does insist,

“If you want to ever live your life,

then you truly must persist”


and so she begins to find her way,

the light it’s always there.

It takes the form of family, of friends,

of doctors and of prayer.


It helps her each and everyday,

it truly keeps strong.

The light it illuminates her path,

and keeps her going on.