Busting ED Myths

Eating disorders give us plenty of rules. Diet culture shapes plenty of rules. All of these rules together can make us feel confined to a lengthy list of what’s right and wrong. It is up to us to change the game when we are fed up with the rules and limits we are living within! For Kristie that looked like challenging herself in treatment to eat ice cream everyday for three weeks, and doing it again now to bust some myths around the food we eat.

When I was in treatment I had a fear that I couldn’t have ice cream every single day because it was ‘unhealthy’ or I was afraid of what it would do to my body.

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The Clinical Director challenged me to have ice cream every single day for three weeks – I was thinking ‘this is not ok’ and ‘I can’t do this’, but I did commit to the challenge and it completely changed my relationship with ice cream. I realised that I had become a victim to the rules I had created in my own mind.

 What busting this myth meant was that if I could change my relationship with ice cream so significantly then what other food, or what other areas of my life could I change my relationship with just by changing my perspective.

I have decided to do 30 days and 30 ice creams to again challenge this thought process.

Nothing is good or bad unless we make it so.          

This time round I teamed up with dietician, Sarah Upson (of My Signature Nutrition - http://www.mysignaturenutrition.com) to ask her what she thought of 30 ice creams in 30 days.

When people have the belief ‘ice cream will make me gain weight’ what do you tell them?

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 “First of all, there is no single food in the world that will make you gain weight. It’s just not possible. You could eat ice cream all day long and you wouldn’t gain weight. Now, it’s not going to be very satisfying and your nutrition needs may not be met fully because you won’t get all your vitamins and minerals that you need but there’s no single food that can make you gain weight. Weight is way more complicated that that.” 

What would you expect to happen for me when I eat 30 ice creams in 30 days?

 “I think that you are going to get tired of eating ice cream……”

“Is it going to have an impact on your health or your weight? No. It’s not. When you have permission to eat the food you don’t want to eat it all the time.”

 Food for thought 😉 We live in a society that runs on diet culture. On a daily basis, we may hear X food is bad, X food is good, X food should be cut out, X food should only be for 'cheat days' - and a bunch of other ridiculous rules. Our beliefs around food can be affected by diet culture, those around us, our eating disorder thoughts and so many other factors. It can be hard to block it all out. But, the next time you have a negative thought around food, ask yourself: how do I know that what I believe about this is the truth?

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About The Author: Kristie Amadio

Kristie is the founder of Recovered Living. Kriste and her team offer virtual coaching sessions, meal & snack support or 24/7 live-in support, both within the USA and Internationally. One of a kind, irrepressible enthusiasm and candid honesty is what forms the basis of Kristie's essence. 

A former elite athlete, she worked as a counselor in both Australia and New Zealand before founding commencing Coaching in America. She uses the same strength she required in her own recovery to guide and inspire others while her genuine compassion allows her to connect easily with clients. Interesting fact: Kristie is almost competent in riding a unicycle. Almost.


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