Love and Recovery

Learning to love myself unconditionally has been painful and so extremely enlightening all at once. Love was essential to my recovery; accepting love, giving love, hoping for love.


Self-love, however, is just one part of the battle, despite its greatness. In all honesty, I am terrified of falling in love.

The pieces of my past and the fear of relapsing keep me to myself.

Introversion is not isolation, something I am continually working upon.

Genuinely opening your heart is beautiful, but it is hard. Maybe love is not supposed to be easy, but is it supposed to be easy with the right person?


I do not have the answers, but one thing I am sure of from learning to love myself, is that love is worth the risk. Peeling off the exterior and finding soul is worth the risk.

So whether you are struggling to accept love, give love, or hope for love, have faith that you will find it.

I am holding onto that.

About The Author: Lydia Hubbard

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Lydia Hubbard is earning a Master’s Degree in Social Work at the University of Maryland, Baltimore. At Project Heal, Lydia writes about her experiences and recovery from anorexia. She is passionate about writing, mindfulness, and the importance of mental health awareness. Lydia’s favorite ice cream flavor is anything chocolate. 

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