Finding Your Tribe


You are the average of the five people you spend time with. When I first read this, I had to take a big step back and evaluate my friend group. 

One of the biggest contributing factors to my healing has been positive and encouraging relationships.

It hasn’t always been easy to find these people, but finding them and holding on to them has been critical to my continued healing.

Growing up, I had one best friend. We grew up together from birth. She is the one who first noticed and gently asked me about my eating disorder. She is the one who went to my mom when I was barely existing. She saw the truth through loving eyes and approached me with love and kindness. And even today, she is who I consider my best friend.

Social media has given me a huge network to find those same type of positive and encouraging relationships. I have found friends who share common interests and are similar in mindset. We have honest conversations and share our struggles. We celebrate each other’s successes and laugh at life’s funny moments. 

The majority of my friends have never had an eating disorder and they don’t always understand some of the struggles of recovery. It’s been incredible to lean on these friends and hear their perspectives. I also have several friends who share similar pasts and stories. These friends are the ones who empathize and offer a common bond and encourage me.


Not every relationship is meant to last forever. Friends come in and out of our lives.

Take a long look at those around you. Are they influencing you in a positive way?

If not, create some distance. 

The thing that makes a friendship a lasting one is effort.

Call your friends. Text them. Send a funny card. When you show commitment to the relationship, it’s bound to survive the hard times! 

About The Author: Rebekah Wheeler 


Rebekah Wheeler resides in Edmond, Oklahoma. Rebekah is a wife, mom of 2 boys, and works full-time in the oil and gas industry. At Project HEAL, Rebekah serves as a National Ambassador spreading the message of hope and recovery. She is passionate about sparkly things, true-crime podcasts, and reading. Her favorite treat is caramel almond milk ice cream!

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