A Thief Named ED


You are a THIEF.

A criminal, who keeps on taking; taking all that is not yours.

Ripped from me are my dreams, friendships, thoughts, and love.

You are nothing but a THIEF!

A thief, continuing to steal my joy, autonomy and happiness, leaving me lifeless, clinging to life, breathless, and desperate for air.

Suffocate me no more. Release me from your poisonous embrace.

No longer contaminate my being and vacate my soul, at once!

You’re nothing but a THIEF… but today, you are CAUGHT; chained into a permanent hiding place, no longer able to rear your ugly head, no longer able to extend your deceitful rope.

Today, I am FREE, shedding the memories of you, sealing them away into a box, releasing its key from my possession.

A thief no more, you fade into darkness and its as though you’ve never even existed… at all.



A graduate of Rider University with her degree in psychology, Melissa Kaufman is a lifelong resident of the Philadelphia suburbs who is passionate about mental health and social service initiatives and awareness. Having worked in numerous nonprofit organizations in program facilitation, she hopes to attend graduate school in the future to pursue her interests in providing mental health counseling and advocacy.

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