Fear Not


This shame is not yours to carry. Know that these scars are simply part of your story. Fear not, my friend. In whatever season, your story is worth sharing. Fear not, my friend. In the midst of whatever struggle, your life is worth living. Fear not, my friend. A new sunrise is a new day to fight and another day to remember you were not defeated. Fear not, my friend. You are not alone and actually surrounded by warriors fighting with and for you on every side. Fear not, my friend. I have this hope that one day we will be made new.

For you are greater than the shame you carry and the triggers you encounter. You are greater than the unknown fight within you. Punishment and shame are not your name. Look ahead only to today and tomorrow. For you and I, I am daily claiming new life and waging war for freedom.

Fear not, my friend. Fight discouragement and trust that any degree of comparison has no place in your restoration. Fear not, my friend. Trust that everyone’s recovery is unique. Choose not to fix your eyes on past years or those to come. Fear not, my friend. I realize that each day and each year of growth may bring a new fight, but I’m here reminding you that there are warriors fighting for you on every side.

There is no need to be bound by darkened nights and slip-ups. Punishment and shame are not your name. You have a hope ahead that is awakening with every new sunrise.

Remember, my friend. Don’t forget, my friend… we will help you remember that you are known and you are valued; you are treasured more than rubies and worthy more than the eye or mind can see.

For you and I, I am daily claiming new life and waging war for freedom.

Fighting with and for you,



I am an undergraduate student at Lenoir-Rhyne University. I enjoy spending time with friends, listening to music, writing, traveling, and watching movies. This summer I'll be interning at a local non-profit organization that focuses on reaching the needs of individuals who have been affected by sexual assault, rape, and domestic violence. I participated in my second Columbia, SC NEDA walk this past February and hope to be involved in more in the future. Although I am just 21 years-old, my recovery journey has many dips and twists and beautiful moments. I have hope in the support of friends and family, Project Heal and other organizations, reflecting on how much I have grown, and ultimately in the freedom, redemption, and peace found in Jesus Christ.