New Moms and Eating Disorders


As a child I have always struggled with body dissatisfaction. Other children sometimes make it obvious that you are in a larger body. Unfortunately, this is pushed and learned in our diet based culture. If you ever had a doubt that your children are subject to diet culture, here’s your gentle reminder to help guide them at home.

The pressure to be thin effected me while I was younger, but never became a full blown obsession until I was an adult and was pregnant with my son. No one had ever talked with me about the changes our bodies, and diet culture is very open with how “losing the baby weight” is a must. As a young adult in her early 20’s, losing the baby weight didn’t happen as quickly as I had imagined.

“This is where we are missing the boat, instead of openly praising young ladies and shedding light on all of the amazing things our bodies can do, our culture offers diets to ‘fix’ them as soon as possible.”

By the time I was 23, I had developed Anorexia which eventually turned into Bulimia. A battle that lasted 8 years. Through the help of an Eating Disorder Recovery Coach and the inner strength I found through recovery, I was able to completely recover from both! Now an adult in her early 30’s, I have a whole new respect for my body and self.

Our bodies are so much more than a size or shape. Our bodies can do AMAZING things!


Recovering from an eating disorder in our culture is hard but the freedom you experience after is unexplainable! If you are a young mom struggling with food and body, ask for help! I promise, it will be one of the greatest decisions you will ever make!



Lori Ann resides in Holt, FL, which is in the beautiful Northwest Panhandle.  She is a devoted wife and mother, certified Peer Practitioner in Eating Disorder Intuitive Therapy (EDIT) who also owns and operates two small businesses; moreover, has found her life’s passion and inner strength through her own recovery. 

As a Project HEAL National Ambassador, Lori Ann is dedicated to spreading awareness and removing the stigma associated with eating disorders within her community. She believes no one should have to suffer in silence and “fearless” is her mantra! 

Lori Ann aspires to become a Certified Eating Disorder Recovery Coach and plans on attending The Carolyn Costin Institute in 2020. Her goal is to help others find freedom from eating disorders by inspiring hope, uncovering strengths, and walking beside them while modeling and embracing a recovered life.