Recovering within Diet-Culture

Recovery is one of the most challenging experiences you’ll ever face. We, as a community spread lots of much needed positivity and support when it comes to the journey of self discovery, inner healing and success in recovery. But, we know it’s hard. We’ve been there, and understand the pain of changing every aspect of your life. We know how it feels to think everything you’ve done thus far is wrong, and we know how you feel when you say, “I’m tired”.

Recovering in Diet-Culture is a tough battle. Seeing most of your friends constantly post about their new diet, or foods they’ve cut out is hard to understand. It seems almost unfair. You may ask yourself, “Why are THEY allowed to do this but I am not?” “Why are my behaviors considered disordered eating while theirs is praised?”
The answer is- Those of us with eating disorders simply cannot diet without taking it to the extreme. Your eating disorder will lie to you and justify behaviors that are potentially deadly.

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“We as one are warning signs to our society that SOMETHING is wrong. Something must change. The way we view ourselves and our bodies as a Nation must change.”

If you’ve found yourself asking these questions, you are not alone, and completely understood. The good news is, there are more and more warriors standing up against the unattainable standards of Diet-Culture. You may feel alone and discouraged as you scroll on your social media feeds. Become hyper aware of this, filter your newsfeed and click “unfollow” to anyone or anything that makes you question your worth. Don’t be afraid to take up space, ask for help or simply state “I’m uncomfortable talking about this”. Boundaries are much needed and not selfish, let’s focus on YOU right now.

It’s okay, and normal to experience all sorts of feelings ranging from ultimate triumph to complete and utter failure during your journey. But trust, the stumbles and falls will always lead to growth and insight... Pushing you further along and better equipped for the next chapter. Recovery is hard in our culture but NOT impossible. You are both a fighter, and a warrior.


“You will reach the other side of Diet-Culture, you’ll see through all the lies it sells and rise above them, you will say no to things that no longer serve you and be free!”

Completely and ultimately FREE!! The same exact traits that pushed you into your eating disorder will shift, they will be used for something positive, something beautiful, something almost magic. We ALL believe in you! It’s okay to rest, but don’t stop! Believe us when we say, “You’ve got this!!”



Lori Ann is a devoted wife and mother, certified Peer Practitioner in Eating Disorder Intuitive Therapy (EDIT) who also owns and operates two small businesses; moreover, has found her life’s passion and inner strength through her own recovery.

As a Project HEAL National Ambassador, Lori Ann is dedicated to spreading awareness and removing the stigma associated with eating disorders within her community. She believes no one should have to suffer in silence and “fearless” is her mantra!

She aspires to become a Certified Eating Disorder Recovery Coach and plans on attending The Carolyn Costin Institute in 2020. Her goal is to help others find freedom from eating disorders by inspiring hope, uncovering strengths, and walking beside them while modeling and embracing a recovered life.

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