I am a Beautiful Human Being

Ayanna Bates attends Pace University in New York City. She is majoring in psychology and aspires to be a Clinical Psychologist so she can help others who are suffering with mental illnesses. She advocates for Mental Health by passionately using social media to educate and inspire people, encourage hope in those who are suffering, and help break the stigma surrounding mental illnesses.

ayana bates


I am a beautiful human being. I have cried, allowed the darkness to consume me, pleaded for help, and fought for control with a dangerous partner in crime; the voice of ED.I am a beautiful human being with invisible wounds who chooses Recovery as her light.I am fighting past the fake smiles and the I’m okay’s towards wearing a true wonderful smile that embraces joy and strength. It is easy to stay in the dark and be consumed by disordered eating, but it takes great bravery to collect yourself and keep going.Sometimes I am crawling my way towards Recovery, some days, I am Recovery.I no longer wear that plastered smile outlined with tears. I fight, I live, I stay strong, I embrace beauty, flaws and all.I am a beautiful human being, who deserves peace and happiness.