Dermablend's No Makeup Campaign

dermablend-ad-700By: Danielle Michaud, Project HEAL Social Media Intern

I will be the first to (proudly) admit that I'm something of a makeup junkie. Aside from concealing blemishes, I love to learn new techniques, playing with light, shadow, contouring, proportioning, experimenting with winged eyeliner variations. Natural is beautiful, yes, but I also believe wearing makeup can be empowering if the intention is to accentuate your face (as opposed to trying to hide it).

However, I can't be the only one who is getting tired of seeing cosmetic commercials in which young 20-somethings promote anti-aging cream and doe-eyed models wearing eyelash inserts flaunt the company's latest innovation in mascara. In today's age of Photoshop, corporations and product lines choose to sell their product, promising "miracles" while covertly telling us that even with makeup, we'll never look like that. But the truth is: it's not real! Even so, in a world of comparisons and gripped by a narrow culturally mediated idea of what we "should" look like, we fault ourselves for being inadequate.

Needless to say, I was thrilled when I found that Dermablend, a corrective cosmetics line, released a campaign which features two women, removing their makeup to reveal skin conditions - respectively, acne and vitiligo. The women drive home a point that I concur fully with: one may approach makeup as a means to feeling more comfortable and confident, allowing herself to fixate less on her physical appearance and letting her inner beauty fully shine through. Readers - what do you think? I've posted the link above so you can view the videos and provide your feedback.