Don't Be Ashamed of Your Battles

Happy weekend all! This post is by Domenica from out Toronto chapter. It is her second post for our blog.  

Domenica Toronto

Never be ashamed of your plight. Someone once told me that your past doesn't define who you are, but the little bits of it—the hurt, the pain and all the ups and downs, make you who you are. These are the little specks that make up our entire being. That's why we are all intrinsically different-- each of us goes through a different journey in life.

All those arguments, mistakes and secrets do not make you a bad person. If anything, they made you stronger and more resilient. With that, I must say that you are not your disease. An eating disorder doesn't define who you are. It's a battle you are overcoming. An extension of life and not life itself. It's disappointing to see that there is still a stigma attached to the notion of an eating disorder.

Girls are still discouraged in talking about eating disorders. Health care professionals are still “hush hush” about it even though it's a common mental illness in North America. The common belief that eating disorders are a result of one “not liking their looks” is misleading. Treatment would be more accessible to sufferers if views regarding these conditions were changed and more attention was paid to patients. Misconceptions, assumptions, and judgements should have no place on an individual's recovery.

To those who suffer from an eating disorder: remember that you can seek treatment. There is nothing to be embarrassed about. Your life is still yours to live.

To those who are recovering from an eating disorder: remember that you are who you are because of what you have overcome. Recovery is something that you should be proud of. Scars are signs of battles you have fought. Wear them proudly and go forth in this world as the true warrior that you are.

To those who judge: educate yourself. Contrary to popular belief, ignorance was never bliss.

To those who frown upon sufferers of an eating disorder or any mental disorder for that matter: Remember that each person is fighting a battle you don't know about and more than likely, is more arduous than yours. Your opinion doesn't matter.

To those who help spread the world to enlighten individuals: thank you. It's about time the world opened its eyes.