Fashion Challenge!

Project HEAL is collaborating with for their "fashion challenge" and in honor of Project HEAL and National Eating Disorder Awareness Week we have connected to highlight NEDAW's OperationBeautiful and Project HEAL.

What to share with followers:

Join us tomorrow for a special #CoastToCoastchallenge! In honor of National Eating Disorder Awareness week, we are partnering with @projectheal and together taking time to not only #wearlove, but love ourselves. With over 30 million Americans suffering from eating disorders, we want to spread hope and awareness. We believe that each women is uniquely beautiful regardless of her size, ethnicity, or social status. Tomorrow, let’s unite together as women and celebrate unique beauty, spread hope, and empower all women to love themselves just as they are.

Here is how you join:

1] Invite a girlfriend, because everything is sweeter when our besties are involved.

2] Snap a photo of yourself in any outfit that makes you feel beautiful.

3] Upload your photo to Instagram with the hashtag #CoastToCoastChallenge + #OperationBeautiful + #ProjectHEAL

4] In your caption, tell us about a character or physical trait that makes you uniquely beautiful. Perhaps it is a character trait that you have always loved or perhaps it’s a trait that you are learning to love.

Take a peek at the dotcom for outfit inspiration and to find out more about @projectheal! We cannot wait to band together as women tomorrow and #wearlove on the hashtag.

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