Feature Friday: Poetry To Move You

Project HEAL is lucky to have the most amazing, talented and inspiring people involved as volunteers. Today we wanted to share some of the beautiful poetry from our National Instagram Manager, Vanessa Frances Poulson! (P.S. you can follow our Instagram at @projectheal) screenshot-2016-10-07-13-40-06 She has published her first book, Laundry, (Go girl!) which is a collection of poetry, prose, and essays, touching on triumph and tragedy, overcoming one's own demons, abuse, as well as the bittersweetness of first love and first loss. The title was inspired by the idea that with dirty clothes, humans are given the chance to wash, rinse, dry, and fold themselves over and over again. With every cycle, we gain more of our own wear and tear, adding to our own individuality.

Below is samples of her work to inspire you and remind you that you can overcome any battle!





If you want to read more and immerse yourself into this beautiful poetry, you can purchase Vanessa's book here!