Golden Age - A Poem


By: Molly Kirschner We must have won first place because the sun is a gold medal.

Good. We wouldn’t settle for anything less.

Which of us gets to wear it as a pendant around his neck?

Which of has the best figure? I figure it should be him.

Do you get around? How? Forget cars. Hell! Forget legs!

Let’s reduce ourselves to the size of seeds and travel by tumbleweed.

Let’s find dandelions changing from flowers to fruits: blondes-gone-gray.

Let’s find lily of the valley in the mountains.

Let’s find a rabbit. Let’s find a rabbi.

Let’s find a synagogue or church that would admit the likes of us.

Let’s translate the bible into gibberish so the illiterate can read it.

Let’s find a cloud that’s flat on the bottom, as if pressing on a surface of glass.

Let’s go into the forest understory and listen to the stories of sweet woodruff and weeds.

Let’s find red twig dogwood. Let’s find red-winged blackbirds and help them ring in the spring, if we’re not too late!

I’ve got sap in my hair. (If I’m sappy I don’t care!)

What continence in your countenance. What feelings concealed?

Are you curious? Who stirs the winds in a mixing bowl? Whose hair stirs in the breeze?

Who tattoos the moon to the thigh of the sky? Who diffuses its light?

Who chooses whose body is worthy of nudity? Is mine?

Tell me, if I’ve gained a pound, why I should love it any less than the rest of me.

Give me the silver medal, the moon. I’ll take second place any day as long as it looks like that.

About the Author: Molly Kirschner is a poet and playwright. Kirschner’s first book of poems, Hard Proof, was released in July of 2015 from Red Mountain Press. Her second collection, Notes For Further Research, is forthcoming from Fly By Night Press, a subsidiary of A Gathering of the Tribes. Kirschner’s poems have appeared in numerous journals, as well as in Italian translation. Her new play L'appel du Vide premiered this summer at Under St Marks Theater. You can find her at

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