HEALing Through Poetry

article_imgAfter being bullied at school, Kyle Carter developed a serious eating disorder at age eleven, struggling with anorexia for years. Today at seventeen, he is in recovery and getting his life back - taking coursework and beginning to drive. Kyle has used his experience to support and motivate other people. On his journey, he has written many poems on the subject, which he has shared on online forums with others dealing with eating disorders for hope and inspiration.


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The beast is threatening to look down upon my life and change it.

It becomes apparent every now and then and grasps my mind with its firm grip.

The creature constantly criticises my every move, and controls the path on which I walk, sending negative energy from the deep.

But I once stood up to the devil, telling it I want my life back.

The guilt and shame I felt was too overwhelming, so I took a stand. My beast looked at me, in my eyes.

I looked back. I held my head high. The beast hit the floor with an almighty crash.

I now have my life back, able to take the path that is life,

And for the devil, it is no more.

-Kyle Carter