Highlights of Project HEAL Chapter Events During NEDA Week

  • 9News NEDAwareness Week CoverageProject HEAL Denver - “First of all, the Denver Project HEAL chapter promoted the daily NEDAwareness events at our local Conifer High School, in Conifer, CO.  On Wednesday, February 26th, I interviewed with Kim Christiansen (featured with Kimberly Dusfresne) 9New anchor regarding NEDAwareness Week, Project HEAL and promoting positive body image and the need for creating greater awareness surrounding EDs. This special segment aired the next day, Feb. 27th at 4pm.


The next day, February 27th, I gave a talk to Conifer High School students and shared my personal story of recovery, and what we are doing across the nation to create awareness and raise funds for scholarships so that everyone can receive the life-saving treatment they deserve; and how each student can play a vital role! I'm also attaching a photo I took with one of the students, Sam McGinn."


  • Project HEAL Clearview Regional – “Throughout the week we had informational bulletin boards throughout the school to educate people about eating disorders. Each morning, we had a segment on "View News" (a news broadcast in lieu of announcements run every morning by the students) where one of our members talked about issues like stigmas around eating disorders, signs of eating disorders, how to help, insecurities and the ED mentality.
    • Monday- We covered all of the mirrors in our school, and wrote inspirational quotes on the paper. We also encouraged our peers to celebrate "makeup-less Monday". A few troublesome students ripped down the mirrors, but many others repeatedly replaced them throughout the day. Many people went makeup-less.
    • Tuesday- We covered the school with post-it notes.  They were on almost every locker. Each had inspirational little messages on them. I saw many students smiling when they read them.
    • Wednesday- We passed out purple slips in homerooms for our wall, titled "If You Really Knew Me…". Students were encouraged to "let go" and confess something only those closest to them would know. This was very successful. Many students were willing to open up and gave us thought-provoking responses, both happy and sad.
    • Thursday- we originally planned a dine-to-donate, but all of the businesses we contacted failed to reply in time. Instead, we decided to have a pizza party for everyone who helped with NEDA week. Anything involving pizza is always successful. :)
    • Friday- We put up our wall for the student body to see. Students loved it, and at any given time you could see somebody reading the confessions.”


  • Project HEAL Russell Sage - “held a Someday Melissa screening and panel discussion. Our panelists included Doris F. Tomer, LCSW, Lauren Bendall, a Russell Sage Student, and Talia Lusterman, our Chapter Leader. We have gotten lots of positive feedback from students on campus. We've heard that our event was "inspiring and informative". We promoted our event in our school's Buchman Pavilion as well as plenty of information on eating disorders with resources from our wellness center. Our chapter also participated in the "recovery is" campaign and created a video that we showed at our screening.
  • During my talk at Conifer High School, I shared the videotaped message I had Congressman Jared Polis record and send to me to share during my talk. I met with him, and other Congressmen during NEDA's Inaugural Lobby Day and was able to successfully have him support the FREED Act.”


  • Project HEAL San Jose “For NEDA Week 2014, we raised awareness through social media and also held a Life's Short, Eat Dessert First Bake Sale, at which we were able to inform people about Project HEAL, raise money and educate some about eating disorders.”