Imagined Reality

Hello Everyone, Enjoy some art from the PHEAL blog and today's guest blogger, Colleen Mann . Colleen is a senior at Rochester Institute of Technology majoring in Fine Art Photography.  She became interested in photography when she was 9 years old, but started shooting more when she got out of treatment. "Photography is a great coping mechanism for me!"

I started making this body of work a little over a year ago, while I was in solid recovery. I felt like I needed to make this work to help me understand my illness better. These self-portraits are allowing me to view myself in a space to better grasp this new, weight-restored body. When I was still trying to recover, I could not see my body as it truly was and I know that these images have helped me do that.I now see that the imperfections of myself are beautiful as they are. I truly believe that this photo project challenged my eating disorder and made it more afraid of ever trying to come back!

colleen mann 1colleen mann 2 colleen mann 3

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The Project HEAL blog intends to provide some help, acceptance and inspiration to those suffering or who have suffered from eating disorders. We realize that every experience is unique and some readers may find things that others find helpful or inspirational, to be triggering.  Please keep this in mind when reading our blog, and be sure to visit our website for information on how to help others who are affected,  to find acceptance.