Introducing #MusicMonday with Project HEAL - Meg Burton


Project HEAL is starting a new blog series called HEAL Anthems where people from our community share what their recovery anthem is and why. Music can be a powerful force in our healing and we wanted to give you a playlist where you can access all of our favorite anthems and new anthems added each week by different members of our chapters. First up we have Meg Burton, the founder of our Southern California Chapter. You can check out our playlist and hear the song Meg chose below or on Project HEAL's Spotify profile. Song: Third Eye by Florence & the Machine

What does this song mean to you? This song means a lot to me. It's definitely one of my life anthems. One time when I was in therapy a was shutting down and I couldn't respond very well, but my therapist took her scarf and gently placed it by me and said to reach out for it and hold onto it like a lifeline. I started bawling because one of the lines from this song says, "that original lifeline" and here she was giving me a literal lifeline. Whenever I think of that memory it still fills me up today and gives me courage to give that lifeline to myself when I need it.

The song also reminds me that I don't need to shut myself out from the world. I used to always think the only thing that I was good at and was therefor the most comforting was being sick and staying depressed. But I'm allowed to be human and to have pain and to also feel loved and be held by those around me.

What's your favorite lyric? 

Hey, look up You don't have to be a ghost Hidden amongst the living You are flesh and blood And you deserve to be loved And you deserve what you are given

Check out the HEAL anthem playlist here:

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