FullSizeRender"Laundry" By Vanessa Frances is a collection of poetry, prose, and essays, touching on triumph and tragedy, overcoming one's own demons, abuse, as well as the bittersweetness of first love and first loss. As with dirty clothes, humans themselves are given the chance to wash, rinse, dry, and fold themselves over and over again. With every cycle, we gain more of our own wear and tear, adding to our own individuality. Everything comes out in the wash. Below is a sample titled “Monuments.” Purchase "Laundry" to read more poems like this!  

“Monuments” There is beauty in formations cut by time’s gentle hand It is in our jagged edges  World wonders are discovered The Grand Canyon too does not run straight

About the Author: Vanessa Frances is a self-published writer, poet, and journalist from Orlando, Florida. She is a journalism student at Flagler College and is actively involved in the Project HEAL nonprofit, an organization for the treatment of eating disorders, helping to run the organization's social media. Her work has appeared in a variety of online and print publications, such as "Clover Letter", "Teen Ink", and a variety of marketing blogs, as well as on two news and editorial blogs that she works closely with, "The Millennial Times" and her own story sharing network "The Ophelia."She likes dogs and cats because variety is the spice of life and why should you limit yourself to liking one specific thing over the other? Vanessa hopes to continue writing, whether that be more poetry, plays, a full-length novel, or another personal essay for the internet. You can follow Vanessa on Instagram @vanessafrances and her website.