#MusicMonday - Nicole Francis


Project HEAL has started a new blog series called HEAL Anthems where people from our community share what their recovery anthem is and why. We wanted to give you a playlist where you can access all of our favorite anthems and new anthems added each week by different members of our chapters. This week we have Nicole Francis, the Rhode Island Chapter Co-Leader. You can check out our playlist and hear the song Nicole chose below or on Project HEAL's Spotify profile. Song: Jump Rope by Blue October

What does this song mean to you? Life can be tough but when things are most difficult, hold onto hope. There are ups and downs in life. When you're down it can be difficult to remember what you're fighting for. The road to recovery is not smooth or easy, but it does get easier.

What's your favorite lyric?

I want to tell you that everything will be okay That everything will eventually turn itself to gold Keep pushin through it all Don't follow, lead the way Don't lose yourself or your hope Remember life's like a jump rope

You can check out the HEAL anthem playlist here: