Opening to Faith

struggle-strength-picture-quoteBy: Priscilla Jadallah, Project HEAL Southern California Chapter

"Once in pain it seems the only way out is through. We must accept we are there and sit there long enough so we can be carried in the deep, the willingness to do this is faith"

When faced with pain, adversity and the world constantly throwing obstacles in front of you, faith can be a hard concept to grasp. Faith and our own personal inner strength are tested on a daily basis. When you as a person make the choice to figure out whom you are and to strive for self-awareness, the journey is a treacherous one. Faith is tested strength, tested courage, tested character and testing of self but it is the resilience of man, of human beings that drives us and fuels our ability to fight back. Inner strength allows us to hold true to what it is we are searching for. I stay mindful everyday to make sure I hold onto what keeps me hopeful and positive; these things keep me going on a path towards happiness rather than dragging backwards. Resilience is what drives us as human beings and fuels our ability to have hope and faith. It is this carnal resilience and instinct of survival that keeps us going.

Life is not perfect, people are not perfect and in life there will be dark times but if you have faith, if you have true inner strength nothing and I mean nothing can penetrate through. Nothing will deviate from the core strength that lies within someone who has fought to be in a place of light rather than a place of darkness. There comes a point where you are sick and tired of trying to be someone you are not, trying to please the standards of the world. There will come a day where you have to dig so deep inside and look at the person you are and find out who that person is and acknowledge who you are then embrace yourself.  One of the greatest lessons I've learned is in life certain things had to happen to take me away from things, situations or people to bring me to a place I was always meant to be.

My life events helped strengthen who I am and helped me fight for my self- love. I now consider myself a hopeful fighter. I have fought for my independence, I have fought for my health, I have fought for my strength and most importantly I have fought for myself! The driving force behind that fight, the fuel to my fire, is my reignited faith. My faith has been forever restored and ignited and I am never, NEVER letting that flame go out again. I want to inspire everyone who may be struggling or going through darkness, find ways to ignite the fire you posses inside. My hope is one day you can start to embrace who you are and have faith that one day there will be light.