Opening Up


11898592_1000951529957051_7626290742355010347_nAyanna Bates is from New York City. She is aspires to be a Clinical Psychologist so she can help others who are suffering with mental illnesses. She advocates for Mental Health by passionately using social media to educate and inspire people, encourage hope in those who are suffering, and help break the stigma surrounding mental illnesses.

Recovery is, being honest. Being honest with your friends and family. Being honest with your treatment team. Being honest with your therapist. But most importantly, being honest with yourself.

This journey requires you to look deep inside of yourself. You may unravel, spiral backwards, leap forwards, fall head first, and stumble back up. This journey requires you to, open up.

Opening up; allowing yourself to be vulnerable, make mistakes, forgive yourself, and try again. Yes, this reality can be frustrating and heart wrenching, but also bright and welcoming.

Recovery is freedom, second and fourth chances, an undeniable love for yourself. You have the power to soar and opening up will allow you to do just that. Let others in, accept the helping hand, surround yourself with positivity and possibilities because you are worth recovery.