Promote Body Peace - Sign the Petition!

aerie-real-300x300Have you ever tried to go an entire day without media? Chances are very unlikely you would have been able to do so. Even if we make a conscious effort to avoid airbrushed manipulations of reality, everywhere we turn we are subjected to them, from magazines to billboards. Editors can photoshop any image to "perfection," which often means whittling away at a person's physique. Although celebrities like Lorde have spoken out against the use of photoshopping, the practice continues. In turn, viewers may feel inadequate in comparison. Discerning reality becomes a tall task when everyone seems so flawless behind the camera. People who are critical of the media still may fall victim to feeling worse about themselves after glancing through a magazine. Publications making an effort to include more "body positive" content still fill the pages between with advertisements, pages and pages upon of false representations of reality designed to sell not only a product, but part of a lifestyle.

The image-obsessed media is not solely to blame for poor self-esteem or eating disorders , but it certainly can be a contributing factor that we can reduce. If you have two minutes to spare, please consider signing the petition below - its aim is to promote truth in advertising, particularly geared toward protecting children and adolescents for falling prey to a myth already deeply ingrained in our culture. Some companies, like Aerie, have taken a major step by only showing models who have not been retouched (even though their range of body types represented is still narrow - but it's a step!). We need to continue to speak up in promoting body peace. Let your voice be heard: