Recovery Is Defined By You


This post is written by Emily Costa, blog manager for Project HEAL Last night, I got the chance to talk to one of my good friends from treatment and we talked about how far we’ve come. As we chatted, she said to me that its important to remember to take things day by day and that I have to remember my recovery is for no one but me.

project heal blog post april 22In recovery, we are often exposed to people who don’t understand the process or what recovery is really like. The reality is that recovery is hard to explain, I mean, it’s hard to live out some days – that is for sure.

I thought today would be a good day to share what recovery means to me as I have felt misunderstood lately.

Recovery is taking a personal journey to health and happiness. Recovery is learning to live for the present moment and not the past or the future. Recovery is believing in yourself and your process even when others doubt your success. Recovery is keeping your head up. Recovery is being honest and open. Recovery is feeling emotions even when you’re uncomfortable. Recovery is not being sorry for expressing feelings. Recovery is being unapologetic and fully yourself. Recovery is loving yourself unconditionally. Recovery is taking what life throws at you and standing up a little taller. Recovery is setting boundaries and trusting yourself. Recovery is simply what you make it.

I could probably write a few more hundred sentences on what recovery means, but we would be here all day…

I think the most important lesson I wanted to share today is that you simply can’t recover for anyone but you. What recovery means to you is uniquely yours.

If you get tied up in trying to please others, you lose the reason you are trying to change for the better. Change for yourself, not for anybody else.

Write your own story – don’t let others or your eating disorder write it for you.