Warrior: A Recovery Poem


By: Kirsten Danzo Tidwell I am a warrior built from a million shattered pieces,

I am girl with a dirty and damaged core who clings to the hope of grace.

I am a daughter of laughs and love who cowers at the sounds of anger.

I am a fragile mended soul with just enough glue to hold it together,

But enough cracks that one push could make me crumble.

I am a preacher of forgiveness, believer in forgiveness, seeker of forgiveness.

I am a heart desperate for love but afraid it might leave.

I am a romantic who believes in happy endings but fear I might be naive.

I am a fighter battling demons that you can't even see;

I run emotional marathons daily while you have the luxury of taking a break.

I believe that I am broken but also believe in healing,

I am fiercely independent, yet don't want to have to be.

I accept my past and shake off my demons,

Even when others flaunt them in my face.

I am a half-grown, half-healed, half-brave shell of a girl who's tired of life being a battle.

I dream of a world where I am normal and whole and not tired, but I know this is a fantasy.

But I am a warrior and I will fight on.

About the Author: Throughout my recovery process, writing is how I process my emotions, deal with my demons, and find the strength to keep fighting. I wrote this poem in year 8 of my battle with anorexia. I started writing when I was in a dark place, beaten down and feeling trapped in the narrative of past trauma. Writing it allowed me to remember to forgive myself and fight on.