Make each day a story worth telling.

Maybe your story is a story of hope. A story of the small steps you take each and every day in your recovery. A story of the emotions reemerging- the happiness, excitement, whatever it may be.

Maybe your story is of achievement. Maybe you have defied the odds. Maybe you have been consumed by the media, your mind polluted by its false and challenging messages, but you overcame. You looked past it. Instead of embracing the images in the media, you were able to embrace your TRUE beauty.

Maybe your story is filled with color, or it could be filled with black and white. It could be exciting, scary, confusing. Whatever it is, though, it’s a story. That’s what’s important.

That’s what our blog is. Story after story. Some inspiring, some amazing, others challenging, and all are life-changing.


These stories are important. They were important, are important, and forever will be important. And they are important for everyone. Not just those experiencing eating disorders, lower self-esteem, recovery, etc. These are for everyone, because, as they say, everybody knows somebody.

Project HEAL is thrilled to be able to share these stories. Not only are we sharing stories, but we are sharing hope. We are sharing help. We are sharing love.

These blogs will be filled with personal experiences, advice, encouragement, support, resources, and more. Some will be personal, others educational, and many a mix of both.

It’s time to rise above. We’ve made our voices heard, now we are making sure they are loud and clear, sharing them with all of you. We hope you are as moved and as inspired by our stories as we are yours. No matter what the story is, who it is, or where it’s going… it’s important. Never forget that.

Cheers to Project HEAL, cheers to true beauty, cheers to our new blog, cheers to recovery, cheers to hope, cheers to you, and cheers to life. Enjoy!

All the Best,

Emma Williams

Social Media Manager

Davenport, IA