"Storms Make Trees Take Deeper Roots"

unnamed"Storms Make Trees Take Deeper Roots" by Domenica Bellino

The human spirit is definitely epitomized in my favorite saying. Humans have always been strong individuals by nature. The spirit can endure hardships, obstacles and downfalls. And guess what? We still come out on the other side but we come out stronger and more confident. We may be a little disheveled and scarred, but we're still here and that's what counts.

Just when you think you're not able to cope, a breakthrough happens—you discover the will to carry on. The truth is, people are much more resilient than they get credit for. The universe only hands you obstacles that you can deal with. No hardship will ever be greater than the strength that your spirit contains.

We are warriors, which means that overcoming an eating disorder is possible. It may be the most difficult thing that you do in this life, but it can be done. In darkness, there will always be light.

Recovery is just one of those challenges that make you stronger, no matter how toilsome the journey is.

The sad part is that many people truly believe they cannot do it. To that, I ask these questions:

When you broke up with the assumed love of your life and cried for nights on end, you made it through right? You're still standing aren't you?

When you lost a close family member, you grieved and accepted the death did you not? The wound, although deep, became a scar, correct?

When you spent nights prepping for an exam that you only went on to fail, I am assuming that you survived right? You're still exactly where you're supposed to be, right?

When your best friends isolated you because you weren't part of the latest trend, you survived that too didn't you? I thought so. That right there is all the proof you need to know that you can do anything you set your mind too.

If a human can survive loss, isolation, failure and betrayal, who's to say that recovery is impossible? The last time I checked, the word impossible becomes possible if you remove two letters. It's that simple.

Don't be a victim to world. Conquer it.

Warriors can survive wars but they can also succumb to them if they choose to. It's your choice.

Domenica Bellino is a volunteer with the Project HEAL Toronto Chapter. 
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