Thankful Thoughts: The Healing Power of Gratitude in Recovery




They say your worst days in recovery are better than your best day in the disorder.  Along with a multitude of other positives, eating disorder recovery brings a renewed sense of gratitude and zest for life. I believe that this is one of the most important gifts one gives oneself when deciding that one is worth recovery- turning the struggle into something beautiful.




I am an advocate of the practice of gratitude journaling, for the simple reason that it is a quick and easy reminder of all that there is to be thankful in one's life. Some things that I am grateful for in the moment?


  1. Enery: I went for a run this morning, up and down the hilly streets of Baltimore. My strong legs are able to do this because I have the energy to be able to go-go-go when I am motivated!
  2. Dogs: My dog Ollie is such a sweet, goofy little love bug. I’m grateful for his (admittedly slimy) kisses and absolute exuberance every time I walk through the door.
  3. Summer: I know it is August already, but the warm weather is still here, hence I am still thankful for it! Summer mean airy dresses, freckles, long walks as the sun goes down, fairs, pools, sandy toes, ice cream, need I go on?
  4. And while I’m on that note… Ice cream!
  5. Blogging: I am so incredibly grateful to be able to co-manage this blog with the beautiful Emily Costa. I will speak for the both of us when I say we feel so blessed to be able to share in the pro-recovery message of Project HEAL weekly!


So there you have it. Such simple things that one might pass by if not for the effort of gratitude journaling.  I encourage all of you to search for the good in life (and maybe even start your own gratitude journal!) Embrace a life beyond your wildest dreams, trust your own journey, and never forget that full recovery is possible for anyone. If nothing else, recovery is truly, truly a second chance at life. And who wouldn’t be thankful for that?