This Thanksgiving, We're Thankful For Recovery


For those in recovery from eating disorders, Thanksgiving can be a stressful Holiday to tackle. We at Project HEAL wanted to take a step back and focus on our favorite part of Thanksgiving - the practice of gratitude! Recovery is no easy feat - that we know, but it is definitely worth it. Our founders, chapter leaders & volunteers from all over the country (and world!) are a testament to that. We asked our amazing volunteers to finish the sentence "I'm thankful for my recovery because..." Here is what they said:

"I'm thankful for my recovery has allowed me to see the beauty of my imperfect journey." - Laura, Project Heal Toronto Facebook

"I'm thankful for my recovery because...going through it taught me how to slow down and appreciate the little things in life." - Cara Lyons, Pittsburgh Chapter President

"I'm thankful for my recovery allowed me to gain the strength I needed to be brave enough to move forward in my journey." - Vanessa, National Instagram Manager

thanksgiving-quote"I'm thankful for my recovery's taught me to embrace myself and share who I am authentically. It has given me strength and a voice. But, the best part of all is that it has led me to working with Project HEAL. I am forever grateful for the wonderful volunteers and members I am able to surround myself with who are passionate to help others. These people continually inspire me and remind me of why I chose recovery in the first place and keep choosing it daily!" - Emily Costa, National Co-Blog Manager & NYC Co-Chapter Leader

"I'm thankful for my recovery's made me strong (passionate perhaps), connected (in community & to my inner voice), and more compassionate (to others & myself)." - Susan, Volunteer Coordinator

"I'm thankful for my recovery because...achieving recovery made me love myself more than I ever have, even before I had an eating disorder." - Alyssa, Chapter Manager

"I'm thankful for my recovery taught me to listen to my body and seek balance, to be empathetic toward others who may be suffering, and to be resilient when times are tough." - Lisa, Co Chapter Leader in San Luis Obispo

"I'm thankful for my recovery because...without it, I wouldn't have recovered and had the chance to resolve body image issues that 90%+ of women have with or without an eating disorder!" - Stephanie Koenig, Founder/leader - Southeast Michigan Chapter

"I'm thankful for my recovery because... it allows for me to empathize with people, and remember that everyone is facing a battle - whether or not they appear to be." - Madison Swart, Ohio State Chapter President

kristina-thxgiving-quote"I'm thankful for my recovery's forced me to define my values, identify the types of people I want to surround myself with, and the type of woman I want to be." - Kristina Saffran, Cofounder of Project HEAL

"I'm thankful for my recovery taught me how to love myself and recognize my full potential." - Taylor Renninger, University of Cincinnati Chapter- Public Relations/ Social Media Chair

"I'm thankful for my recovery because...I can use my history to help and support others who are currently struggling." - Sarah McCutcheon, Co-Leader Rhode Island Chapter

"I'm thankful for my recovery because...I have become more open-minded through my journey. I no longer assume I can imagine what another person's life is like." - Danielle Meyer, Co-Founder- Fort Wayne Chapter

"I'm thankful for my recovery forced me to face the fact that I have depression and anxiety, and treat that meaningfully, rather than with food." - Alicia McElhaney, NYC Volunteer & UMD Chapter Founder

"I'm thankful for my recovery my greatest weakness I am strong. I chose recovery." - Andrea Cantley, Social Media Manager

thanksgiving-quote-3"I'm thankful for my recovery because...It has made me stronger." - Elena Herrero, Founder and Leader of Amherst Chapter

"I'm thankful for my recovery because...I am able to realize and see how truly loved and valued I really am." - Jessica Whaley, Southern New Jersey Chapter

"I'm thankful for my recovery because...recovery has taught me how to listen to my body--a difficult skill that I might not have otherwise learned." - Mackenzie Woods, Chicago Chapter Leader

"I'm thankful for my recovery gives me my sparkle back. My eating disorder stole so many aspects of my personality, including my sense of humor, quirkiness, passions - you know the sparkly stuff. Recovery has allowed me to take all of those things back, one piece of glitter at a time!" - Colleen, National Blog Co-Manager

"I'm thankful for my recovery has granted me more compassion to give and share with others." - Cynthia Berry, Southern Arizona Chapter Founder

"I'm thankful for my recovery made me resilient and understand that I can overcome adversity in my life with the right amount of motivation. It inspired me to help others so they do not have to suffer the way I did and it makes me happy that I can make a difference in someone's life." - Allie Coppa, Chapter Founder

"I'm thankful for my recovery because...I get to wake up every day with a commitment to my recovery and know that I am a better person because of it. I have no choice but to let go of my ego and do good work." - Teddy Teece, Junior Board Member

"I'm thankful for my recovery showed how strong I really was!" - Katie, Pinterest Manager


We hope these inspiring responses have allowed you to shift your perspective on your struggle, even if it's for only a few minutes! We encourage you to think about what you're grateful for in recovery on Thanksgiving (and everyday!). Wherever you are in your journey, we hope you can show yourself some love and understanding. Most importantly - we hope that this was a reminder or reinforcement that recovery is possible and that there are wonderful reasons to keep striving for freedom. We are wishing you a wonderful, safe & enjoyable Holiday!


The entire Project HEAL Team

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