The Dance that You Deserve

Monday post from Abby Henderson. She is a freshmen at Marian University and is currently studying Communication. She loves writing and has ample amounts of encouragement to extend. Stay strong, all! SAMSUNG CSC











One of the most underutilized emotions as it pertains to creativity is happiness. It is far too easy to channel all of our pain and sadness into our creation, but perhaps we ought to start challenging ourselves to use our positive emotions to bring about something of tangible beauty. Even Earnest Hemingway advised to "write hard and clear about what hurts", but what if you chose to write hard and clear about what makes the corners of your mouth turn up and tears well up under your fragile eyelids from a boisterous laughter, so heavy that it leaves you aching but never would you want something so glorious to cease. Find happiness, allow yourself to dance amongst it, and see if any profundity procures.

Every waking moment makes space for new challenge

it doesn't have to be this way any longer

that which tried, yet failed to destroy you

has, alas, left you that much stronger

All of this time you felt as though you were stuck

for on your knees you fall and stay

absent from your mind

was the initiative to pray

pray to whom or to what?

it really doesn't matter

would you rather struggle or strive?

might I suggest the latter.

well, could you see it if I placed it right before you?

Could you feel the sun beams' immortality bounce off of your ever-receiving flesh

I believe you could, if only you felt worthy

If only you could acknowledge the many ways in which you are blessed

Would you dance in the face of what you formerly feared?

would you choose not to taunt the things which left you weeping?

I believe that you would do what was right

and release the ill-will that isn't worth your keeping

Can you look your demons in the eye

and run from the temptation that will only cause you pain

can you exhale all of your inhibitions

and can you learn to dance through this torrential rain

because this storm will never subside

in fact, it's very purpose is to keep you perpetually saturated

but if you can discover a true happiness

the downpour can't stop you from being elated