The Day I Learned to Love my Body


By: Nicole Bouschet

It was the day that I realized that the things I wanted someone else to appreciate about me, I should appreciate about me too. I wanted someone to love the curve of my body, my small breasts, the way my thighs touched, maybe even my scars. I wanted someone to validate my body. It wasn't that I loved those things about myself, but I wanted someone else to love them about me. It took me awhile to ever think these things about myself without reassurance and I would be lying if I said that I got there without a little of it. But, the more I really looked in the mirror with my naked body staring back, the more I realized that my body is a part of who I am. And more than that, I realized that I did like what was staring back.

I’m not ashamed anymore that my boobs are barely even A cups and that people (friends, family, or strangers) will constantly poke fun about it. Because I accept them, it matters so much less what they say. And it’s okay if I don’t have a thigh gap. I want to work out and I want to get stronger and healthier, yes. That will always be a goal of mine but that doesn't mean I’m unhappy with where I’m currently at and the shape I was given.

We’re all a little self-conscious, because society dictates what’s “beautiful” but what I think is beautiful is being yourself. We’re all given this great gift of existence. To have a body is a blessing in itself, isn't it? But yet, we find such negative feelings towards it, because of the standards society has placed on us to look and even act a certain way.

Confidence is always the hardest place to get to, because there is an ongoing pressure of insecurities as a roadblock. I think we’d be lying if we said that we didn’t all have some, even if we do love ourselves. We have battles to fight daily, but finding things that we love about ourselves, mind, body, or soul, that’s progress. If we just take baby steps and keep learning to not be so hard on ourselves— really look in the mirror at our bodies, but with appreciation, we’d find that there are things about ourselves we like. Possibly, we can even learn to love the things we didn't before.