The Importance of Self-Care





This post is written by Emily Costa, Project HEAL’s Blog Managerwhat do you do self care

While in recovery we constantly hear the term ‘self care’ and how important it is to apply it to our lives to be our healthiest selves. I’ll be honest; upon arriving to treatment I was skeptical at this idea. In my head I looked at my treatment team and swore up and down that nothing would replace my eating disorder. Because in my head, my eating disorder was self care.

It took a while for me to settle into reality. My eating disorder was not something that took care of me; it was destroying me emotionally and physically. The problem was, in those moments I relied on my eating disorder I was often in such a state of distress it felt like that was the answer to my problems. I had fallen into the habit of self-medicating myself with negative behaviors, and it was going to take time for me to learn what self-care really meant.

Not until recently did I realize the importance of self-care. I think when beginning the journey to self-care its important to recognize that it won’t look the same for everyone. Not everyone is going to do yoga or be able to immediately quit the things we hate doing. But we make adjustments, we make our lives worth living and it’s a process that takes time.

Some ways I’m practicing self-care is putting my recovery first. I cut down on the hours I’m interning and the amount of classes I’m taking this semester. Focusing on myself is an important step in learning to live a healthy balanced life. I try to practice self-care everyday. Whether its taking a walk in Central Park, taking one of my favorite yoga classes or doing my gratitude list – I try my hardest to set time aside for me. I try to take a break from my cell phone and spend time with the ones I love or take the time to write in my journal.

Just like making progress in recovery, learning self-care can be new and scary territory. But over time it may just become your favorite part of the day! Now it’s time for you to share your favorite self-care activity. Leave us a comment below or post a picture on Instagram doing your favorite activity using the caption Self Care and #WhatDoYouDo