The Road To Recovery


image1-8 I thought I would blog about relapsing this week, as the word relapse has a negative connotation. Those in recovery often feel like relapses are the end of the world. That all the hard work put into recovery has gone to waste. And you're back at square one.

As someone in recovery I know this feeling all too well. Here's the thing, relapses happen. And yes, as cliche as it sounds they are most definitely part of the process. It's taken a long time for me to realize that a relapse means little in the time it takes to heal.

You are fighting for your life, literally; and there are bound to be ups and downs. It helps to look at recovery like a road map. You start in the middle of nowhere, traveling to get somewhere new. You've heard the saying, nothing is worse than being stuck where you don't belong. You realize you are worth more than an eating disorder and pick up a map to find a new destination.

Although it's a major detour, it's exactly what you need - a new start down a new path. You come to a one way road and realize the only place to go is forward. You allow yourself to have setbacks and some road blocks but you continue to find your way. Eventually, after all the road blocks the road finally turns the right way and you make your final destination, recovery.

See, there's no reason to fear those road blocks. No reason to be scared of a minor detour. Eventually you'll end up where you belong. Keep driving.