Walking to End the Silence


"With the NEDA walk coming up in Wilmington, NC, it is great to see the support our wonderful community is showing in response to the growing epidemic that is eating disorders. So much these days we wake up to bad news, such as another school shooting or a robbery down the street. It is refreshing to see a community that cares so much about something that needs more light to be shed upon it.

When I found out my wife was suffering with an eating disorder, I responded in the same way as our community is now, with compassion and love. When Amy and I were able to open up to our families, though maybe there was a lot of unknown, they responded with love and helped in any way they could. The community and the nation have begun bonding over issues affecting many more people than surveys are saying. Neighbors and strangers have to come together in a time of need to provide much needed financial support to those who otherwise could not afford treatment. That not only warms my heart but gives me hope that there may be an end to violence in our backyard, the drug and gang activity, and to eating disorders. As a community we can stand up and fight against those things that hurt the individuals." -Colin DiPaola, Project HEAL Wilmington, North Carolina Chapter Co-Leader and Co-Founder