Sometimes asking for help is really hard or can seem pretty scary. It can be difficult to even just ask the question out loud. Deciding who to confide in and figuring out how to phrase everything can take a lot of courage. Sometimes it’s harder for others to choose how and who you want to ask for support. Project HEAL is asking a weekly question related to eating disorder recovery. For this week’s #WEWANTTOKNOWWEDNESDAY, we asked you:

How do you ask for more support?

Here’s what you shared:

1. “I find it easiest for me to write down what I need help with.” – Lyssa Avalon

2. “Just ask, talk and tell my history to someone and I look for a good therapist” – Reyna Bonilla

3. “First I must swallow my pride and accept the fact that I need help. After which I narrow my problem down best I can so that it is easier to communicate my specific need to those I reach out to for assistance.” – Lisa Saltsman

4. “I ask for it BEFORE I need it. I make sure it's there to call upon.” – Say Carnahan


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