In recovery, we learn many things along the way. We want to know some of the things you’ve learned. Project HEAL is asking weekly questions related to eating disorder recovery. For this week’s #WEWANTTOKNOWWEDNESDAY, we asked you:

What is one life lesson you’ve learned through recovery? 

Here’s what you shared with us:

1. “That it's a process. I have times where things are going really great, and others where all I think about is how I look, worry about what I am eating, etc. It is all about awareness for me, to recognize when it is happening and why and remind myself that I am still doing great, I am taking care of myself.” – Melissa H.

2. “That I'm so much more than just a body, I have a lot to offer. Also, I'm learning to thank my body for all the things it does for me.” – Nata S.

3. “That I don't have to disappear. I am allowed to let myself be seen- in the way I dress, the photos I post, the events I attend, the things I say, and I am allowed to share my talents without self-deprecation.” – Mirjana V.

4. "To persevere. Even when things are tough.... Even when I don't want to... but to keep moving forward in spite of setbacks and challenges." - Rachel F.

5. "That I am not a burden & am worthy & capable of happiness. Although some people may not understand, there are those who will stand beside you without judgement. You just need to find your tribe & allow yourself to be vulnerable, even if that is extremely hard for you." - Emily A.

6. "That even though I'm feeling a certain way I don't have to act on those emotions." - Andrea C.

7. "I had to identify the meaning or purpose of why I wanted recovery. It could not be to please someone else. When I finally took ownership of my recovery and found my reason that is when I developed the courage to make significant and lasting changes. It helped me to truly internalize what my treatment team had been telling me all along. My reason is what sustained me and helped me to persevere through the fear and discomfort of change." - Beth G.

8. "You have to keep trying. No matter how difficult or impossible to overcome a situation, you must try. A problem is something you can survive and overcome. And you'll realize you're stronger because of the things you've been through." - Mitz N.

9. "If I need help, I should ask for it. If I've received help and need more, I have to communicate that, too. Just keep asking!" - Megan A.

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