Project HEAL has been asking a weekly question related to eating disorder recovery. For this week’s #WEWANTTOKNOWWEDNESDAY, we asked you:

What's one thing you wish people would stop saying to you?

Here’s what you shared:

1. “I wish I had your problem, then I could lose weight” – Leslie M

2. “You look so much better now” – Jessica S

3. "If you just eat healthy and exercise, you can stay skinny" – Callie A

4. “I wish I had your ‘willpower’” – Presley G

5. “You don't look like you have an eating disorder” – Danielle M

6. "Think of all the victims of the hurricanes/floods/earthquakes out there. They'd give anything to have one bite of the food you have and here you are starving yourself" – Kristi S

7. “But you’re better now though right?” – Katy S

8. “Are you sure you want to eat that much?” – Katie G

9. “Just eat” – Alisse B

1o. "You look like you've lost weight" – Kelly S

11. "I wish I had your problem" – Ailene M