#WordsOfWisdomWednesday: Trophy


This post is written by guest writer, Rebecca Leung: image1-3To be seen, I could scream,

I could wish this whole thing was a dream. Because self esteem, it is limited, Eyes on me should be inhibited.

My image was once my trophy I mourn the loss, it is lonely

It is lonely because without a trophy, I am without identity.

A trophy is tangible, something I hold on to Without it I am floating, no safety net, I fall through


Only now I am with identity, its growing as we speak. I am seen.

But in a way that doesn’t demean my attributes that used to be so weak And I’ll speak. I’ll speak because I am now strong I don’t need a trophy to feel that I belong

Life is no longer spent merely existing I’ll approach it roaring like lions are strong and persistent Everyday a new challenge, give it no break I’ll never give up and thats what it’ll Take it in stride, grace and maturity I am now open to share insecurities Theres purity now to the words that I speak Because I value honesty and honestly validation is still what I seek So when Im called talented I am filled with pride But it is twisted, pride surely subsides Its connection I’ve found that truly makes me sing The friendships I’ve made let’s me know that I am something

I’ll throw away my trophy, figured out it was cheap metal We are worth more than an image, golden is where we should settle So look at me world, I won’t be ashamed Because I'm badass, I'm killin it I'm taking back the reigns.