Fundraising Communication Templates

Peer-to-peer fundraising starts with you and your WHY for fundraising. After creating your Classy fundraiser page, we recommend starting outreach to your closest, immediate network first (some easier “yeses”) to launch your campaign. Family and close friends are a great place to start before opening up your fundraiser to a broader audience. Feel free to add to, edit, or simply use these templates as a starting point for your own campaign efforts.

Reminder: <Hyperlink> your Classy fundraising page in these communications!




Hi {First Name},

{Small talk intro, make personal connection in line with your typical relationship}

I am excited to share that I am participating in Project HEAL’s 3rd annual HEAL Week kicking off September 29 - October 5th. HEAL Week is an annual awareness and fundraising campaign that brings together the entire Project HEAL community to share about our mission to help more people access eating disorder treatment and recovery support.

I have personally pledged to help spread awareness and raise funds this week and hope that you’ll consider joining me. {Share more of your WHY}

Roughly one in ten Americans — 30 million people — of all ages, races, ethnicities, and life circumstances suffer from an eating disorder. Project HEAL believes that full recovery is not only possible, but worth the very difficult fight.

Through their Treatment Access Program and Communities of HEALing, Project HEAL is working to reshape the treatment paradigm to deliver access to HEALing for all people with eating disorders, at all stages of recovery.

This week, I have set a personal goal to raise $____ for Project HEAL. Will you consider <making a donation> in honor of HEAL Week to help me reach my goal? If this isn’t a match for you, please feel no obligation; I’m grateful to be able to share a passion of mine with you this week.

Thank you for your encouragement!





Dear {First Name},

We are excited to announce Project HEAL’s third annual HEAL Week! From September 29 through October 5th, our chapter is participating to help raise awareness and funds for Project HEAL’s mission.

At Project HEAL, we believe that celebration is critical not only in recovery, but in every day life. With this in mind, our chapter will use HEAL Week to highlight ways that we celebrate HEALing, recovery, and community. With your support, we can make sure that help is available and recovery is possible for everyone.

From now until October 5th, our chapter is helping Project HEAL raise $20,000 to help more people suffering experience the power of recovery. Will you consider <making a donation> in honor of HEAL Week to help us reach our chapter goal?

Thank you for your consideration and support.


Project HEAL’s {Chapter Name} Chapter