Project HEAL offers a variety of volunteer opportunities around the world. If you have a passion for helping people suffering from eating disorders, promoting positive body image, educating your community, and/or increasing eating disorder prevention efforts locally- there is a strong chance we have a volunteer opportunity for you! It is important to note, that Project HEAL requires volunteers with a personal history of an eating disorder to be in a strong and active recovery for 1-2 years, depending on the specific opportunity of interest. All high-level volunteer roles, that includes Chapter Leaders, Ambassadors, and National Volunteers, must be in an active recovery for at least 2 years; while, volunteer opportunities such as working with a local Chapter has a 1 year active recovery requirement.



Project HEAL offers 3-month and 6-month internship options in the fall (end of August through mid-December), spring (mid-January through mid-April), and summer (end of May through the end of August). All interns commit to working for at least 10 hours per week. Internship cohorts generally do not exceed 4 interns per semester.


Become an Ambassador

Project HEAL Ambassadors are individuals based all around the world who have a true passion and interest in our cause but for various reasons may be unable to start a Project HEAL chapter (e.g. not being able to commit to 10-15 hours per week). Project HEAL Ambassadors bring the mission and values of Project HEAL into their community by hosting fundraising and awareness type events. For individuals based outside of the United States (US), the initial focus is typically more on awareness and advocacy, unless we have the required documentation to raise funds locally. An ultimate goal for Project HEAL Ambassadors is to cultivate enough interest and support to eventually launch a Project HEAL chapter within their community. Project HEAL Ambassadors may also assist with the growth and success of our active chapters by taking on an advisor role.

The Project HEAL Ambassador role on average will take between 2-8 hours of your time per week; generally 2-4 hours on a normal week and between 6-8 hours when doing events and presentations.


Become a Mentor

Communities of HEALing is a brand new pilot program, launched by Project HEAL in 2017, designed to explore the ways that peer support and mentorship can help individuals to fully recover from an eating disorder. The program includes several separate components: weekly support groups in local communities, possible 1:1 mentorship for those newly out of treatment, other facilitated experiences, and in some cases social support in the form of group outings like going to a movie together!

Social support mentors provide support to mentees in the form of sharing weekly social activities–like seeing a movie, playing a game, or going to the park–that are not focused on eating disorder. Social support mentors are individuals who have never personally struggled with an eating disorder.

This volunteer opportunity is a unique and rewarding chance to support someone in early recovery. Social support mentors make a commitment of about 3 hours per week, which includes the weekly meeting with their mentee and regular supervision calls.