Jenna Tregarthen

Jenna Tregarthen is passionate about designing innovations that not only increase access to eating disorder care, but also improve quality of care. Her expertise in patient-centered design and business model innovation was honed during her role teaching healthcare innovation and entrepreneurship classes at Stanford University Graduate School of Business. As an advisor to entrepreneurship accelerator programs StartX Med, Startup Garage, and Stanford Ignite, she is familiar with common pitfalls and emerging opportunities in social impact companies. Jenna conceived of the Recovery Record idea whilst undertaking her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and being the primary supporter for her best friend, who was living with an eating disorder. She later took a leave of absence from her Ph.D. and clinical training in order to lead development of Recovery Record into the preeminent eating disorder management technology platform, serving 300,000 people and 10,000 practitioners. Jenna believes that recovery from an eating disorder is possible and is honored to support Project HEAL in bringing the chance to HEAL to those who otherwise could not afford it.