Meet Our Ambassadors


amanda krow, baltimore, md

Amanda resides in Baltimore, Maryland.
Amanda is earning a Master's degree in Nursing from the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing.

As a Project HEAL Ambassador, Amanda is dedicated to fostering a positive and uplifting community while bringing eating disorder awareness and support to Baltimore. She hopes to connect individuals who are passionate about mental health and are dedicated to promoting recovery.

She can often be found doing yoga, taking walks through Patterson Park, and of course, studying all things nursing!

Amanda's favorite ice cream flavor is black raspberry.

AyannaBates-NYC Chapter Ambassador.jpg

Ayanna Bates, Queens, NY

Ayanna Bates resides in Queens, NY and is an Ambassador with the Project HEAL- NYC Chapter serving the Queens community.

Ayanna is a mental health advocate and a recovery warrior. She joined forces with Project HEAL to start a conversation surrounding eating disorders and other mental health issues within her community. Bates understands the struggle that comes along with having an eating disorder, as she went through it herself.

Project HEAL encourages us that full recovery from an eating disorder is possible. Ayanna Bates' greatest passion is helping people; and she believes that working with Project HEAL is a beautiful way to extend this help.


Lilla Carroll, Birmingham, AL

Lilla resides in Birmingham, Alabama. Lilla is a high school student who works within her community to raise awareness about eating disorders. 

As a Project Heal Ambassador, Lilla is dedicated to using her experiences to connect with others and educate them on the dangers of diet culture. She is an advocate for body positivity and intuitive eating, especially in the lives of young students and athletes. Lilla wants to teach those in her community about the prevention and treatment of eating disorders while promoting the idea that full recovery is possible.

She can be found doing yoga, mixing up cookie dough, and painting!  

Lilla's favorite ice cream flavor is cookies and cream! 


Brenna Briggs, South Shore, ma

Brenna resides in Rockland, MA and is the Boston Chapter Ambassador for the South Shore.

Brenna is a Registered Medical Assistant at a Family Medicine Practice. Brenna also plans to finish her degree in Social Work and is starting to take core classes, but my favorite job is being a Mom to my beautiful, yet super sassy daughter's Brooke & Cayleigh.

As a Project HEAL Ambassador, Brenna is dedicated to promoting a HEALing environment where everyone on the South Shore can have access to all of the amazingness that Project HEAL Boston has to offer. She is passionate about her recovery and makes it a priority to share her battle with anorexia, bulimia, and depression as a teenager and young adult. Brenna knows that recovery is possible and wants to make sure that others struggling know that they are strong enough to fight their inner demons too. Brenna had a great support support system who took it upon themselves to learn and educate themselves on eating disorders and how to help her in recovery. Brenna feels extremely lucky that she was able to get the treatment that she deserved, which saved her life. She knows that no everyone is quite so lucky which is why she will go above and beyond to educate and speak out regarding eating disorders, mental health, and the stigma that surrounds these disorders.

Brenna is a dancer by heart and you can find her dancing through life while doing her household chores and playing with her kids. Brenna's favorite ice cream flavor is Mint chocolate chip.


Eva Romanoff, New York, NY

Eva Romanoff resides in Manhattan, New York City and serves as a National High School Ambassador for Project HEAL.

Eva is a high schools student who works with teens to help spread awareness about eating disorders and hope that a complete recovery is possible.

As a Project HEAL Ambassador, Eva is dedicated to helping young adults understand the seriousness of eating disorders, while maintaining the belief that recovery is 100% attainable.

She is passionate about horseback riding, her friendships, and doing good in the world.

Eva’s favorite ice cream flavor is coffee with chocolate chips.

Julianne Oliver.jpg

julianne oliver, atlanta, ga

Julianne Oliver resides in Cumming, GA.

Julianne is in an educational gap year, and during this year she is volunteering at Grady Memorial Hospital and conducting clinical research. 

As a Project HEAL Ambassador, Julianne is dedicated to ensuring everyone actively battling or in recovery from an eating disorder feels supported and empowered, and she is also dedicated to educating her community about eating disorders and the importance of mental health.

She is passionate about running, women's health, and playing with her four pound Yorkipoo. 

Julianne's favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate chip cookie dough.


Rebekah Wheeler, Oklahoma

Rebekah Wheeler resides in Edmond, Oklahoma.

Rebekah is a wife, mom, and volunteer who works with young people to believe in themselves and promote positive self-image.

As a Project HEAL National Ambassador, Rebekah is dedicated to speaking to as many schools and civic groups as possible to raise awareness and funds for Project HEAL.

She is passionate about podcasts, glitter, and spending time with family and friends.

Rebekah’s favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate almond milk.


Christina, Pensacola, FL

Christina currently resides in Pensacola, FL. She graduated from the Coast Guard Academy with a Bachelor of Science in Operations Research and Computer Analysis. She aspires to be a Coast Guard Aviator at the end of her tour in Pensacola.

As a Project HEAL Ambassador, Christina is dedicated to promoting balance and hope to people struggling with eating disorders no matter what their background or profession. You are worth this beautiful life you were given and life is too short to struggle alone. She wants to encourage folks to be brave and take the first step to their freeing road to recovery. She can often be found hiking with her husband, playing with their adorable kitten and puppy, or on the yoga mat.

Christina’s favorite ice cream flavor is mocha chocolate chip.

Surasya- HS ambassador Durham.jpeg

Surasya, Clayton, Nc

Surasya is from Clayton, North Carolina. She has always had a clear fascination for health and physiology but it wasn’t until insecurities from feeling like an outcast in a rural Southern town led to her developing anorexia nervosa freshman year of high school that she came to truly appreciate the amazing resilience of the human body. Now in active recovery, Surasya is currently a junior at the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics in Durham, North Carolina with the ambition of becoming a neuroendocrinologist in the future.

As a Project HEAL National High School Co-Ambassador, Surasya is dedicated to working alongside with Anna, promoting the notion that health can be found at any size and raising eating disorder awareness against stereotypes involving gender, race, and sexuality. She is passionate about neuroscience research, contemporary flute music, artistic fashion, and vegan nutrition. She can often be found playing jazz on her flute, sipping exotic tea, listening to podcasts on a scenic walk, or reading the latest edition of Scientific American.

Surasya would gladly eat any flavor of ice cream, if she had to make the impossible decision to choose her favorite flavor, she would say lavender-pistachio with a generous sprinkle of hazelnuts.


Anna, Durham, NC

Anna resides in Durham.

Anna is a Project HEAL National High School Co-Ambassador who works alongside Surasya to help educate high school students and the surrounding community about eating disorders and resources for treatment.

As a Project HEAL Ambassador, Anna is dedicated to community awareness and education.  She is passionate about stress relief activities, building support systems, and communication skills.

Anna’s favorite ice cream flavor is cookies and cream.



Tracy resides in East Hartford, CT.

Tracy is an Administrative Assistant who works with Manchester Adult and Continuing Education to help adult students complete their high school diplomas, GEDs, and learn English as a second language.

As a Project HEAL Ambassador, Tracy is dedicated to raising awareness on the importance of early intervention.

She is passionate about Dunkin Donuts coffee, her pitbull and guinea pigs, and one day owning a Jeep Wrangler.

Tracy’s favorite ice cream flavor is mint chocolate chip!


Lori Ann Ziegler, holt, fl

Lori Ann resides in Holt, FL, which is in the beautiful Northwest Panhandle. 

She is a devoted wife and mother, certified Peer Practitioner in Eating Disorder Intuitive Therapy (EDIT) who also owns and operates two small businesses; moreover, has found her life’s passion and inner strength through her own recovery. 

As a Project HEAL National Ambassador, Lori Ann is dedicated to spreading awareness and removing the stigma associated with eating disorders within her community. She believes no one should have to suffer in silence and “fearless” is her mantra! 

 Lori Ann aspires to become a Certified Eating Disorder Recovery Coach and plans on attending The Carolyn Costin Institute in 2020. Her goal is to help others find freedom from eating disorders by inspiring hope, uncovering strengths, and walking beside them while modeling and embracing a recovered life. 

You can often find her laughing with her husband, helping her son with homework, walking the nature trails, escaping on a yoga mat, and caring for her chickens, cats, and very spoiled Schnauzer.

While ice cream is a nice treat, Lori Ann prefers a crunch with her sweetness. Give this girl a handful of Whoppers watch her smile.

Sarah Templeton Pic.jpg


Sarah resides in Atlanta, Georgia. Sarah is earning a degree in Psychology from The University of Georgia in hopes to become a Physician's Assistant in the women's health field and specialize in fertility.

As a Project HEAL Ambassador, Sarah is dedicated to showing people the strength they have within and using her voice in the Miss America Organization to further extend this message. She hopes to bring awareness to eating disorders in her community and initiate conversations to promote recovery.

She can often be found in the dance studio, volunteering with the Miss America organization, or spending time with her beloved cat.

Sarah’s favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate fudge brownie.

Michelle Miller Project Heal Pic.jpg

Michelle Miller, Miami, FL

Michelle resides in Miami, Florida and is the Project HEAL- Miami chapter ambassador.

Michelle is a medical student earning a degree from the University of Miami. 

As a Project HEAL Ambassador, Michelle is dedicated to raising awareness about eating disorders and promoting healthy body image in her community.

She is passionate about improving eating disorder education among medical providers, reducing barriers to eating disorder treatment, and promoting body positivity among children with chronic illness.

Michelle can often be found teaching spin classes, studying, or at the beach.

Michelle’s favorite ice cream flavor is Ben & Jerry’s “Half-Baked”


Evin Tari, Urbana-Champaign, IL

Evin resides in Chicago, Illinois.

Evin is earning a degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with hopes of eventually specializing in treatment for eating disorders. 

As a Project Heal Ambassador, Evin is dedicated to empowering those struggling with eating disorders and raising awareness in her community. She believes that everyone creates their own reality and wants to help people give their bodies the love and respect it deserves. 

She is passionate about animals (rabbits to be specific!), meditating outdoors, and is currently working her way down a very, very long list of --- flavours to try. She can often be found between trees (literally), creating her own recipes, or cuddling her pet bunny Kuki. 

Evin's favourite ice-cream flavour is Butter Pecan from George's Creamery. 


Amanda Hickey, Fort Meyers, FL

Amanda is earning a degree in Psychology from Florida Gulf Coast University in hopes of becoming a therapist for adolescents to help them navigate the conflicts of life. As a Project HEAL Ambassador, Amanda is dedicated to raising awareness for eating disorders as well as breaking the stigma surrounding mental illness and providing support to those battling their own struggles.

She is passionate about helping others, raising awareness for mental illness, and photography. Amanda believes that it is important to be real and open about her personal battles while spreading self-love as well as body positivity to everyone. She can often be found in nature taking photographs, playing with her two black labs, or writing her book based on her life. Amanda’s purpose in writing this book is to share her story in a creative way bringing love, joy, and hope to the recovery community.

Amanda’s favorite ice cream flavor is mint chocolate chip!

project HEAL photo.jpg

Christy Aquino, Marion, IA

Christy currently resides in Marion, Iowa. She graduated from the University of Northern Iowa with her Masters in Social Work. She is a Licensed Independent Social Worker (LISW) with a certification in Intuitive Eating.  

As a Project HEAL Ambassador, Christy is dedicated to raising eating disorder awareness and promoting health at every size.  She believe all people are beautiful and have something to offer the world around them. Christy is passionate about helping individuals find their inner beautiful while identifying the importance of self-care and self-love.  She practice self-care by listening to podcasts, reading, salsa dancing, hiking, traveling, and spending time with her family.

Christy’s ice cream of choice is a vanilla/chocolate twist cone.