San Francisco Chapter


Co-leader: Madeleine Gill

Maddy Gill resides in San Francisco and is a co-leader of the Project HEAL - San Francisco Chapter.  Maddy is a Product Manager at Salesforce and earned a degree in Applied Mathematics from Stanford University.  As a Project HEAL Chapter Leader, Maddy is dedicated to promoting the idea that eating disorders do not discriminate, and can affect all genders, races, and classes. She is passionate about the outdoors, music, and spending time with friends & family.

Her favorite ice cream flavor is, without a doubt, mint chocolate chip.



Co-leader: Diane Kostka

Diane resides in San Mateo and is a co-leader of the Project HEAL - San Francisco Chapter.  Diane is a Lead Client Engineer who works with BetterDoctor to help power the heath-care market with accurate provider information so that patients can easily find the care they need at a price point they seek. Her own experience dealing with an eating disorder and the health issues that followed led to her passion to understand and improve our healthcare system , especially on the insurance side.  As a Project HEAL Chapter Co-leader, Diane is dedicated to raising awareness about eating disorders and building a community that does not stigmatize or stereotype people with eating disorder but instead focuses on support and open communication. She is passionate about rock climbing, painting, finding the best pho in town and petting all things soft and fluffy. When she is not curled up on her couch with a book in hand, you can find her biking or running the trails in south bay hoping for a deer sighting.

Diane's favorite dessert is molten chocolate lava cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.


Co-leader: Robin Lea

Robin resides in the Bay Area and is the co-leader of the Project HEAL - San Francisco Chapter. Robin is a research technician/ lab manager who works at a UCSF cancer research center. As a Project HEAL Chapter Co-leader, Robin is dedicated to increasing awareness about eating disorders within the local community and to help create a community open to discussion about eating disorders. She can often be found jogging in the streets, volunteering in the ER, or bustling about in the lab.

Although, unfortunately lactose intolerant, Robin's favorite ice cream flavor is mint chocolate chip!