The HEALers Circle

The HEALers Circle is a national network of eating disorder treatment providers generously donating their time and services to Project HEAL grant recipients.

Members of the HEALers Circle practice the “treat to outcome" philosophy. This means that providers treat a grant recipient until, in their clinical opinion, the patient is ready to step down to a lower level of care or graduate from treatment. We believe that providers with clinical expertise should make theses determinations, rather than insurance companies.

At the outpatient level, insurance companies often do not have specialized eating disorder providers in their network, and when they do, they often prematurely cut coverage for treatment. This sets patients up for painful and costly relapse.

We are working hard to change the current mental health care paradigm, but in the meantime, we rely on our treatment partners to give patients the best chance at a full recovery.

Are you interested in joining our HEALers Circle? 

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